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Capuchin Monkeys - Physical Description

Capuchin Monkeys are diurnal and arboreal animals. These are very intelligent monkeys that are common as pets, trained performers, and therapy animals. Capuchin Monkeys are numerous in captivity in the USA and Europe. Organ grinders have used these animals for decades.

 Capuchin Monkeys - Pictures
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The origin of the name comes from the appearance of a black skullcap. Capuce is a French word for a skullcap. The Capuchin Monkey's hair is very similar to the cowl or capuche worn by Franciscan monks. Capuchin Monkeys have a supple and slender body with thin limbs. The Capuchin Monkey's hand is similar to the human hand. The thumbs and big toes of the Capuchin Monkey are opposable to the other fingers and toes.

The head of the animal is round with hairs at the back darker than the rest of the coat. The long hairy tail is partly prehensile. It serves as an anchor or prop when Capuchin Monkeys travel through the trees.
Scientific Name: Cebus Capucinus
Life Span: 15-20 years
Length: The length of the head and body is 12-22 inches. The length of the tail is approximately the same.
Weight: Capuchin Monkeys weigh 3-8 pounds.

Capuchin Monkeys - Habitat

Capuchin Monkeys live in low-lying forests, in primary or advanced rainforests. They are native to Southern Central America. They are found from Costa Rica to Paraguay and Trinidad. These animals have adapted to living in places populated by man. Capuchin Monkeys are tree-dwellers.

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the capuchin face monkey white in a picture is especially cute as a baby.

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