6 Types of Fences You Can Choose From 

You install a fence for different reasons. And a fence serves many purposes to your house or property. There are also types of fence that you must understand so you would know what you can use them forThere are wood fence, aluminum fence and other types of fences are some of the types you can choose from. Should you decide what to buy, call Norwalk fence company for the installation.  

Types of Fences

Wrought Iron Fence 

This kind of fence is an elegant and fancy one but they are on the high-priced aspect both in the aspect of maintenance and installation; because it needs to be repainted every 3 years. Wrought iron fences are stunning and strong so if you want added security for your property this is the best option for you.   

Chain Link Fence 

This is the type of fence that can give you enough security and is not too high-priced. The only purpose it cannot totally offer is that you won’t get a lot of privacy for your property. However, it is still an inexpensive fence servers its purpose very well. The maintenance cost is also low, so that is something that you shouldn’t fear about for the future. Property proprietors who are eager on using this fencing type can’t use creativity when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics appeal of the house. But you can add vines to it if you want to at least make it look good. This fence can also be used to keep an unused lot safe from trespassers.   

Vinyl Fence 

This fence is expensive but when you compare its lifespan and maintenance cost to other fences, a vinyl fence is possibly one of the cheaper options. Vinyl fence is maintenance free and if you find issues like dirt and grime, you can just scrub it with soap and water. After that, your fence will look good as new especially that it’s also paint resistant.   

Aluminum Fence 

An aluminum fence is an attractive option, and that is additionally low maintenance. For installation, you can just hook it up and painted. If you are searching for intense protection this can also not be the fence you are searching for as it can be uprooted during intense weather condition.   

Wood Fence 

Another attractive choice for you is the wood fence, which also brings you a sense of safety and privacy. If you pick out the proper  wood material to use, it would be an investment for your house. A wood fence is famous because it’s low-cost too. It provides a feeling of warmth for your house and you can also get creative with it.   

PVC Fence 

If you want a cheap fence, the PVC type might be just the best for you. This type of fence can last for quite a while because it’s very resistant to changes in color. This type of fence comes in stakes, and they are not super costly to buy. Just don’t forget to search for fence company near me if you’re looking for a fence contractor.  

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