AC Noises that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Whenever the summer season arrives, people will use their air conditioning units regularly. If you live in a hot region, your AC unit will have to work a lot. They collect regular abuse during this season too. Because of this, it is extremely crucial that you properly maintain your AC unit.

Scheduling maintenance every year is the ideal approach you can do. Usually, it is ideal to schedule the maintenance needs in the spring since it’s the season before the AC unit will be used constantly. However, no matter the time of the year, it is more crucial that you’re consistent with the scheduling of the maintenance.

You may still encounter operational issues from time to time, even with routine maintenance. One of the most common operational problems that homeowners experience is weird noises and sounds coming from the unit.

If you hear weird sounds coming from your AC, do not hesitate to call the air conditioning service North Port.

Grinding Sounds

This is probably an issue with the AC unit’s air handler. It can also be an issue with the part of your cooling unit that is responsible for circulating air across your house while the unit is operating. The motor of your air handler is placed under a lot of pressure whenever the unit is running. Because of this, most systems have a lot of oiled bearings.

Unfortunately, these bearings deteriorate over time. This causes an increase of friction on the motor. This is a normal part of the abuse. But, the friction would result in a grinding sound while the unit is operating. If you do not replace the bearings, your AC unit will burn out and overheat.

Gurgling or Hissing Noise

You might hear gurgling or hissing. This depends on where the issue is happening along with your AC unit. A refrigerant leak might be the cause of the issue.

A lot of homeowners still believe that it is normal for refrigerant to leave the system and be refilled regularly. However, you should keep in mind that refrigerant is not like gas for your car. It is a fluid that enables the AC to really do its task and cool down your house. It means you’ve got a leak if your unit is losing refrigerant. If not properly handled, this will be dangerous for your AC unit.

You might hear hissing sounds if the refrigerant is in gas form. It will sound like air being let out of your car’s tire. On the other hand, if it is in liquid form, you will hear gurgling noises. Regardless of what you hear, you will have to address this as soon as possible.

Short-Cycling AC Unit

If your AC quickly turns off and on without finishing a complete cooling cycle, it is short-cycling. This is the sign of an old issue and the cause of more issues. The reason for this is that it worsens the deterioration of your AC unit.

Immediately contact a professional air conditioning repair company if you think that your unit is short-cycling.

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